We are a group of professionals from Switzerland, Latin America, and Europe passionate about Blockchain technology and the opportunities it offers to improve people’s lives. We identified the absence of an integrated financial platform backed by a stable blockchain ecosystem that enables payment for goods and services. This has inspired us to found LAPO, the first financial ecosystem with the potential to facilitate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, foster financial inclusion and open a world of equal opportunities for people around the globe. We bring together our years of experience in technology, finance, and marketing to make LAPO's vision a reality.


Luiis Franceschi
Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Luiis started his first company, a web agency, in 2008 when he was 20 years old. Beside that he worked as Senior UX Consultant for many different companies and Startups in Zurich and Worldwide. He started approaching the world of cryptos in 2014 with some friends and mined his first Bitcoin. Currently he’s Advising companies on the intersection between Blockchain Technology and User Experience.

Christian Albera
Co-Founder / Chief Technology Officer

Christian is an IT Specialist with over 20 years' of experience in many areas of enterprise business applications development, databases administration and project management having worked mainly with oracle technologies. During his career he has gained experience in many industries composed by insurance, supply chain, IT consultancy, software development and latest 10 years in the finance sector. He is enthusiastic and has over 2 years' experience blockchain technology including development and startup of fintech businesses.

Athanasios T. Ladopoulos
Chief Investment Officer

Athanasios is a serial entrepreneur and Institutional investor with over 20 years of experience in Investment Managements, EduTech and FinTech. He is currently the Managing Partner of 2S Pro Group , a B2B and Blockchain advisory company. He has developed several investment and risk management methodologies. He holds an MSc in Intelligent Management Systems and is currently pursuing an MSc in CS – Machine Learning at Georgia Tech.

Mariyam Seguias Alì
Chief Marketing Officer

Mariyam holds a Bachelor of Social Communication (Venezuela) and a Master of Marketing and Film Business (Spain). She has over twelve years of experience working within the Hispano-American audiovisual sector as creative producer, screenwriter and marketing specialist. She has also experience in designing integrated marketing communication strategies targeting multiple audiences.

Marcos Benitez
Chief Business Development Officer

Marcos is Client Relationship Manager for a Swiss Bank co-leading the Crypto and Blockchain business. He has been in the finance and banking area for over eight years. In blockchain, he supports the developing of the ecosystem as General Secretary of Crypto World Zug Association in the Crypto Valley, Switzerland. Furthermore, he has successfully supported other projects in the sector. Born in Uruguay, he knows first-hand the need for a stable crypto-payment solution for developing countries.

Cristian Betancourt
Head of region: Latin America

Cristian is a lawyer with more than 10 years of experience in the areas of Commercial, Administrative, Banking, Trade and Labor Law. He worked as legal representative of Banco de Venezuela, which belonged to one of the largest Banks in the world (Santander Group). He has an important professional Network in the Latin American Market.


Dr. Quy Vo-Reinhard
Artificial Intelligence Advisor

Quy is an entrepreneur in the area of "Blockchain for Healthcare" and a world renowned speaker. She was awarded as the "MOST INFLUENTIAL BLOCKCHAIN LADY - EUROPE" during the "Blockshow Europe 2018". She has in-depth knowledge from database to machine learning, from high-performance computing to data processing, from big data to blockchain IT architecture.

Daniel Biesuz
Legal Advisor

Daniel runs a law firm, where his core business is M&A and consulting for asset managers. He is actively involved in blockchain and fintech as a legal advisor and advised many successful ICOs like InsurePal.

Francesco Andreoli
Strategic Advisor

Francesco is a crypto mining expert and has co-founded a crypto-mining facility in Switzerland based on renewable energy sources. He leads the Chain Advisory Group since 2017 focused on service design and smart contract auditing. Francesco has been a crypto community builder since 2014 with expertise in organizing hackathons and blockchain events in San Francisco and New York. Francesco holds two Masters degrees: Master of International Business from Hult Business School, and a Masters and BSc in Mechanical Engineering, majoring in Computational Methods.