The core of the LAPO ecosystem.

LAPO Network Protocol

In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto presented the first concept of the Blockchain in a White Paper. In 2009 from this idea he created the Bitcoin and the Blockchain officially was born.

Since then many new coins have been created, new technologies developed and the blockchain evolved providing a range of useful features and services. LAPO continues this evolution redesigning and improving those already tried and tested technologies to deliver an integrated, fast, privacy-centric, decentralized cryptographic payment ecosystem.

LAPO Utility Token (LAX) is the native token of the LAPO Network Protocol, all the transactions running on the network are expressed in LAX and the cost of the transaction is paid directly in LAX. The services offered in the LAPO ecosystem (PAY, PAY BUSINESS and PAYEAH!) have a cost expressed in LAX and might require a locked minimal amount of LAX in order to work.

LAPO Network Protocol v2.0 in details

LAPO Stability Protocol

A new approach to capture, store and preserve value.

The Stability Protocol addresses volatility by building a mechanism that in times of excessive euphoria characterized by excessive volatility, can catch it, convert it in real value, and store it safely. The Stability Protocol also use an AI Algorithm that analyses relevant signals to identify market shifts and feeds into our intervention mechanism to sale/purchase LAPOX in major exchanges.

LAPOX Whitepaper will come soon!